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Association Executive

Heather Besaw


Hi! I joined the Sheboygan County Board of REALTORS® team as the Association Executive April 7, 2020. I REALLY love being an AE! This is my DREAM JOB! Every day I get to utilize my experiences in marketing, thrive in efficiency and organization, and the heart of this job….build and value relationships with the members!

A few interesting facts about me:

  1. Favorite ice cream topping?      Buttery Popcorn! It’s AMAZING on every flavor! Fold popcorn into your ice cream. Do not stir! The popcorn will get an irresistible spongy texture. Next, pour a little milk in your ice cream and chop with a spoon. Do not stir! Crystals will form and take you to a whole new world! You’re welcome for these life changing tips 🙂
  2. Last tv show I binge-watched?       Married At First Sight
  3. One thing that can instantly make my day better?     A really good meal/food
  4. Favorite Season?     Spring because I love seeing all the bright, vibrant colors!
  5. Exotic animal you would want as a pet?      Penguin because they have the cutest waddle
  6. Favorite thing to do for entertainment?     Play board and card games
  7. Something unique about your family?    My grandpa was an actor in Hollywood and was close friends with Jerry Lewis, Lucille Ball, and Bob Hope. He was in every Jerry Lewis movie. I have letters and gifts personalized to my grandfather from Jerry.
  8. Snooze button or wake up right away?      Snooze button twice.
  9. Weirdest place I’ve fallen asleep?      A 20 minute power nap ANYWHERE
  10. Least favorite household chore?     Vacuuming/washing the floor